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Военен Нож TRC М-1 Military One Vanadis 4 Extra

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Цена: 690,00 лв
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гр. София ул. ”Цар Самуил” № 93
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TRC Knives представят първият си тактически нож, моделът Military One M-1. Моделът е бил проектиран цели 3г. като освен ножарът Andrius Tricius, ножът е бил подложен да полеви тестове от военни от специалните части и специалисти в бранша. Острието е изработено от висококачествена стомана Vanadis 4 Extra с 4 процентно съдържане на Ванадий. Ръкохватката е ергономична, за да я чувствате като продължение на ръката ви, изработена от Black Canvas Micarta. Кания изработена от щатската фирма Tactical Teiler. Ножът идва с доживотна гаранция, безплатно заточване (важи след регистрация на ножа и заплащане на куриерските услуги)

  • Стомана: Vanadis 4 Extra 59/60 HRC
  • Ръкохватка: Black Canvas Micarta
  • Дължина на острието: 132мм
  • Обща дължина: 257мм
  • Дебелина на острието: 4.5мм
  • Тегло: 320гр

Military One. The new tactical knife from TRCknives. TRC Knives has launched a new model of tactical knife, the Military One (M1), designed for the military, Special Forces and outdoor enthusiasts. The M1 is a true masterpiece of design, offering superb balance, strength, power and functionality.
Its hi-tech blade utilizes the best materials and state-of-the-art technology. The handle is ergonomically designed to feel like an extension of one’s own hand. Тhe M1 took over three years to develop and went through several prototype stages. During development, feedback was collated from field trials held by military special ops
units and knife experts from the National Knife Association. This feedback along with recommendations from industry experts honed the M1 into one of the highest performing tactical knives available.
Mr Andrius Tricius, the M1’s lead designer and founder of TRC Knives, through commitment, tenacity and the search for constant improvement, developed the M1, a
masterpiece of design, form and function.
The objectives of the design were as follows:

  • 1. Create a perfectly edged knife with high strength and durability
  • 2. Combine harmoniously different hi-tech materials
  • 3. Ergonomically design a knife so that is operates comfortably with or without
  • gloves, in harsh dusty or wet conditions
  • 4. Create a knife that can function without compromise in extremes of temperature

The M1 exceeded all expectations.

The M1’s blade, constructed from Vanadis 4 extra powder metallurgical cold work steel, is perfect for hard use and offers resistance to chipping and cracking. The blade is coated with a DLC non-reflective coating, this innovation protects the blade from corrosion. Before applying the coating the blade is sandblasted, thereby gaining a soft matt color. Structurally, the tip of the blade lies on the centerline of the M1 for control. The thumb rest on the spine is a special feature of the M1, which gives greater control to the user when doing precision work and helps to tame the sheer power of the M1. The handle made from black Canvas Micarta, is designed for maximum comfort, both with forward and reverse grips. Additional jimping on the thumb rise and inner part of the handle allows for immediate identification of knife position without the need for visual cues. With its deep contoured scales, 1.5mm pitch and depth, the M1 has an outstanding grip, ensuring absolute control in wet or dry conditions, ergonomically fitting the hand like a glove. The scales are fastened to the frame with two heavily walled, stainless steel tubes flared at the ends for strength, they also serve to accommodate a lanyard and provide multiple lashing points to use the M1 as a spear or tool. The handle widened at the butt provides a secure grip when pulling through tough materials. The pommel is designed to break glass, hammer and crush materials. The butt of the handle is almost perpendicular to the center axis of the M1, which contributes to additional rigidity and allows the M1 to stand on its pommel. The balance point of the M1 is located in the handle at the point where the index finger rests.

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Адрес: гр. София ул. ”Цар Самуил” № 93
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